5 Tips to increase your engagement on LinkedIn

Are you looking to be more successful on LinkedIn? Here are some tips that might help you increase your network and boost your profile to the next level. I will guide you through some changes I made in order to have a more professional account and increase my reach significantly. Professional profile picture and background. […]

How can we benefit from LinkedIn’s promotion algorithm?

LinkedIn is a professional media platform that is growing faster every day. In the online world, many people use LinkedIn to find or offer professional opportunities around the world. But what is so unique about LinkedIn? How can someone like you and me become more successful? Well in this article I will explain how LinkedIn […]

How to use LinkedIn hashtags correctly

LinkedIn hashtags are special text snippets developed to recognize trends and increase the exposure of “hot” posts. Hashtags always start with the character #, followed by words related to the material of your post. They allow the LinkedIn algorithm to better understand the relevancy of your post and context, promoting it to people who commonly […]

The importance of your content

People are not aware of the importance of writing adequate content in your posts to increase engagement and exposure. Many of us dedicate hours to writing posts without spearing any details and making it as informative as possible, and when we post it, we get almost no engagement. On the contrary, some people post an […]