The importance of your content

People are not aware of the importance of writing adequate content in your posts to increase engagement and exposure. Many of us dedicate hours to writing posts without spearing any details and making it as informative as possible, and when we post it, we get almost no engagement. On the contrary, some people post an image with a quote and get Hundreds or even Thousands of impressions. so we need to ask ourselves, what are we doing wrong?

First, you need to understand that LinkedIn users see hundreds of posts when they scroll down on their feed, and they will only pay attention to those who are captivating. If your post has too much text, not many people will take the time to read it. On the other hand, if your post lacks content, people will not comment or like it as much as they should, so we need to find a balance. 

Also, everyone likes images, they are captivating and engage the audience with the post. If you have an image/video on your post, more people will feel attracted to the content of your post. Try thinking as someone who is scrolling down and seeing your post, is that person likely to read and engage with it?

My last advice would be to add a personal touch to every post. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to have a “signature” or a unique characteristic that shows the people that this is YOUR post. Write your own content and make it personal to relate with your audience and create a fan-pool.

In conclusion, write personal posts, add images or videos that are captivating and try to think as your audience. Add your personal touch and make sure your text is not extremely long, otherwise, not everyone will read it. 

I hope these tips help you!

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