How can we benefit from LinkedIn’s promotion algorithm?

LinkedIn is a professional media platform that is growing faster every day. In the online world, many people use LinkedIn to find or offer professional opportunities around the world. But what is so unique about LinkedIn? How can someone like you and me become more successful? Well in this article I will explain how LinkedIn works and how to obtain more exposure.

We need to understand that LinkedIn has its own algorithm for promoting posts on their feed page. In fact, it works differently than in other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. When you post something, first, your content is shown to some of your 1st connections. If they engage with your post, LinkedIn starts showing it to all your connections and to the friends of your friends. If your 2nd and 3rd connections like or comment on your post, your content will appear in their network as well.

LinkedIn allows us to use this method to reach out to tens of thousands of users even if you have less than one thousand connections. Also, since there is so much content to show, LinkedIn prioritizes the posts that have more value and engagement. This is why the exposure of your post increases drastically when you use the engagement pod to get more likes and comments.

So if you want to gain more exposure of your content without paying thousands of dollars in ads, an engagement pod is your best solution. With this system, you can increase the engagement of your posts and boost your reach in an organic, cheaper and completely safe way.

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