About us

Our story begins in April 2020 when a group of “high-tech Corona dismissed” decided to band together and take action. Out of the pain of losing our jobs and the need for stability, we understood that if we work together, we will generate a strong presence on LinkedIn and turn our profiles into winning marketing tools.

We worked hard to create a community of people with the same objective and give them the necessary tools to succeed on LinkedIn. Sleepless nights of the best minds and relentless tenacity finally brought us success. We have dedicated all our time and energy to build the best influencers tool that exists, and we are happy to share it with every member of our community.

After putting in hundreds of hours of hard work, we developed an influencers tool that provides our community members with the ability to promote themselves on LinkedIn and obtain more exposure for most of their posts (or at least the important ones).

Since then, our community has grown drastically, and we are helping hundreds of new members achieving their goals.

If you got to this page, it’s probably because someone from our community recommended you to be a part of us. In that case, we are glad that you take this action, and we welcome you to the RocketPod family!