How It Works

LinkedIn has its own algorithm when it comes to boosting posts. First, they show your post to some of your 1st connections. If they engage with your post, LinkedIn starts showing it to all your connections and the friends of your friends. If your 2nd and 3rd connections like or comment on your post, your content will appear in their network as well.

Since there is so much content to show, LinkedIn prioritizes the posts that have more value and engagement. This is why your post’s exposure increases dramatically when you use the RocketPod engagement system to get more likes and comments. LinkedIn allows us to use this method to reach tens of thousands of users even if you have less than 1000 connections.

So if you want to gain more exposure to your content without paying thousands of dollars for media managers and PR companies, our engagement pod is your best solution. With RocketPod, you will be able to boost your reach in an organic, independent, and completely safe way.

Organic Growth

What is the fastest way to grow your network and exposure on LinkedIn? Look no further than our team of creative and experienced social media experts who spend their days identifying your niche audience and engaging them with your content.

We use the LinkedIn promotion algorithm to increase your post’s exposure by adding likes and comments related to the topic. If more people engage in your posts, LinkedIn will make it available to your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd connections. This is why RocketPod provides you with fast and organic growth. Once you get on board, we’re all yours.

Sleep? Sleep is for the weak

RocketPod is buzzing all day and night (we love coffee). Working on your account 24/7, maintaining steady growth, and maximizing results is what we do best.