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How to promote your posts through RocketPod

Step One – Registration to the system

Follow the link and choose the group that suits you (done in the previous step – when you finished signing up).

Step Two – Select your optimal Hashtags

Select between 1-3 hashtags from the following list and type them at the bottom of your post

Hashtag list

Create your own hashtag

If you want to create your own hashtag with personal comments, you can do it too. 

Follow the link to add personal hashtags to the system

Step Three – Add the hashtags to your post

  • If you create a personal hashtag, put your name on it, so we know it is only for you. For example: #new_technology_Robin or #english_classes_John
  • When you write the post, type the hashtags you selected/created at the bottom of your post. If you added the hashtag yourself, it would be approved within 24 hours and not immediately.
  • If you do not add the hashtag you have chosen to your post, the system will not recognize your post and promote it.

Step Four – Copy the post link

After you have published the post on your LinkedIn, note that the link to the post must be copied. 

You can copy the link by clicking on the 3-point mark at the top right of the post – Copy link to post.

Step Five – Paste the link in the telegram

You must enter the relevant telegram group and paste the link to your post; if this is the first time you are using the system, you must first click Start.

Link to the Telegram group

Please note, after pasting the link in the telegram, you should receive a message in the telegram that the system has received the hashtag. If you did not receive this message, you might not have copied the link correctly or not entered the hashtag accurately.

If you cannot connect to the telegram group via the link, search for the name RocketPod in the telegram and select the group with the icon of our logo (see below)

Now, grab a coffee and let the magic happen.

If you did everything right, the system should promote your post on the channel you are on.

We are here to help; feel free to email us at:

Good luck!