We have created a list of hashtags related to different and unique topics. Each Hashtag has between 20-60 comments related to the hashtag only. So if your post is about art, you can select #art and receive comments specifically related to art. Some examples of comments would be: – This is pure art – I love it, keep sharing! – Amazing work, keep posting. If you don’t find a hashtag that fits the topic of your post, you can create your own hashtag once you login to the system, in your My Account dashboard, you can find a manual.

LinkedIn promotes first the posts that have more engagement, therefore, if you have many likes and comments on your posts, they will appear first in your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd connection’s feed page. Even if you have less than 1000 connections, you can reach tens of thousands of users using this system.

Each one of the premium packages (Basic, Gold, Professional, Advanced and Expert) have different benefits and costs. – Basic: You get 1 post every 72 hours with 30 comments &  likes – Gold – You get 1 post every 36 hours with 60 comments & liles – Professional: You get 1 post every 36 hours with 100 comments & likes – Advanced: You get 1 post every 36 hours with 140 comments & likes – Expert: You get unlimited posts and can create your internal Pod with members of your company.

It is very simple! If you want to be removed write us an email at with subject “Remove me from users list” and we will remove you.

This is a common question that we receive from users. Please make sure that you did not make any of the following mistakes👇 – You are not logged in to the system – You made a mistake copying/typing the hashtag – You publish a Hashtag that does not exist in the system – The required time has not elapsed since your last post – Make sure you copy the link to the post right and paste it in the corresponding chat. Please check every bullet point and use the system again. If it does not work contact us via email:

You can see all the instructions for publishing a post on your page in My account after you log in to the system.

It is possible, but you have to be subscribed to one of our premium packages (Professional, advanced, or Expert).

Click on Become a Reseller, then select the package you want to choose for the company you represent and start using promoting their posts. On your profile, you will be able to manage your clients’ accounts, their packages, payments and engagement. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.