5 Tips to increase your engagement on LinkedIn

Are you looking to be more successful on LinkedIn? Here are some tips that might help you increase your network and boost your profile to the next level. I will guide you through some changes I made in order to have a more professional account and increase my reach significantly.

  1. Professional profile picture and background.
    Make sure that you have a portrait photo of yourself in high definition where you look good and confident. Also, I recommend that you smile, it shows that you are charismatic and pleasant to talk with. Choose a background that represents you and what you like (avoid using LinkedIn’s predetermined backgrounds). In your description write your current occupation and living place. Here is an example of Gary Vee’ profile.
  2. Personal information
    Write a good bio describing who you are, what you like, what are your interests, what you have accomplished and personal information that you think is relevant. Add your experience in order from latest experience to oldest experience. Complete the skills section and make sure that your profile looks professional. Now you are ready to start networking.

  3. Networking
    Start connecting with the people you know. Start with your company, university friends, organizations of interest, your high school fellas, teachers, family members… Try to get as many connections as possible, remember that in order to connect with someone, he/she must be a 3rd connection. This means that the more you expand your network, the more connection opportunities you will have.

  4. Activity
    Start posting content that you think is interesting. This is very important in order to engage your connections with the material you share and remind them that you are active on LinkedIn. Also, you will keep growing your network, because if your 1st and 2nd connections engage, your post will appear in their friends feed as well.

  5. Exposure
    LinkedIn has an algorithm that exposes posts with more engagement first. So let’s suppose you post something and you receive one like and one comment, then it is likely that not too many people will see your post. On the other side, if you receive 40+ likes and comments, then your post is “hot” and it will appear in the home screen of your 2nd and 3rd connections increasing even more your exposure. An easy way to obtain more exposure is to use an engagement pod where you receive and give likes and comments within a community of LinkedIn members.

    I hope this article was helpful and I wish you good luck exploring this amazing professional network.

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