How to use LinkedIn hashtags correctly

LinkedIn hashtags are special text snippets developed to recognize trends and increase the exposure of “hot” posts. Hashtags always start with the character #, followed by words related to the material of your post. They allow the LinkedIn algorithm to better understand the relevancy of your post and context, promoting it to people who commonly interact with similar content. This is an incredible and powerful feature that allows you to increase your exposure and reach to new clients.

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for businesses. It allows members to find more clients and reach new customers. They currently have more than 760 Million users with more than 260 Million monthly active accounts. One of the biggest advantages is that the barrier of participation is very low, therefore, it’s easy to reach out to CEOs and large corporation members. 

The question you need to ask yourself is how to use content marketing to attract more clients?

In order to do that, you first need to understand how the LinkedIn algorithm works and how to use it to increase your reach. Currently, LinkedIn makes all their money from selling ads and from premium subscribers. Even though they have 760 Million users, only 4.6 Million are content-creators, which means that they have a big market and an incredible organic reach. 

The LinkedIn algorithm works in the following way. When you post something in your account, LinkedIn will first show it to some of your 1st connections. If they engage, LinkedIn will start showing it to your 2nd and 3rd connections as well. This means that in order to reach out to thousands of users, people need to engage with your content, so they categorize it as a trending post. 

Knowing that, we need to understand how to use the hashtags and other tools to increase the engagement in our posts and let the LinkedIn algorithm promote it. For more information about using hashtags on LinkedIn, read the following article written by Tim Queen.

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